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We invite you to enjoy the river kayaking at Ayung River Ubud. The river cascades through a deep ravine and is irrigated by the mountains in central Bali. There are 6 classes for the river. During the dry season  Ayung  river  is class  2-3  and can between 3-4  during  the raining  season.  Stunning natural  scenery  passes  the  river  and  the  excitement  of  the  challenging  rapids  will  leave  you  with  an  unforgettable  experience  from  your  vacation  in  Bali.

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Ayung river also has waterfalls is around 30 meters high and can be used as a spectacular backdrop for your photographic memories. You will also witness the magnificent beauty of the carvings along approximately 200 – meters. The natural rock face been hand carved by local artisan the story of Ramayana over hundreds of year.
During your trip on the Ayung river you will get excellence personalized service  with fun – loving river guide.. there will be plenty of laughs but your guide is a professional with specialized training from Indonesia and Japan and more than 10 years experience on the ayung river.

Best Combination Package for Kayaking

Combination Package
No Package Name Short Descrip / Includes Currency Adult / Single Child / Tandem
1 River Kayaking + Quad Bike $ 128/ Single 240/ Tandem
2 River Kayaking + Monkey Forest + Ubud Tour + Tanah Lot $ 88/ Adult 65/ Child
3 River Kayaking + 30 Minutes Elephant Ride $ 130/ Adult 105/ child
4 River Kayaking + 2 Hours Spa Treatment .  $  130/ Adult  85/ Child
5 River Kayaking + Afternoon Cooking Experience .  $  115/ Adult  95/ Child
6 .